The 13 Things Nobody Told Me About Running A Small Business

Running a small business is tough and at times I have found myself wondering why I even took the risk. But I do know.  I desperately wanted out of the public service career I had, as it was no longer serving me. Simple.

Below are the short and sweet things I wish someone had told me before I got started.  So if you’re just starting out, I hope this advice sits with you and helps you get the most out of this new life you are embarking on.

1.One day per week needs to be allocated to admin. No matter how many days you work, at least one of them each week needs to be delegated to working on admin/marketing/business plans.

2. Chasing people to pay their accounts constantly sucks.

3. You have to be prepared to live and breath this small biz dream of yours for a long long time before you get to reap the benefits.

4. Establish strict office hours and ensure clients and customers are aware of them.

5. A reliable internet connection is important no matter what industry you’re in.

6. Setting up business systems early is essential for your own sanity.

7. A mentor is a must.

8. Not every opportunity needs to be taken up, especially ones that mean you will be heavily discounting your work.

9. You may lose old friends that don’t understand the nature of running a business, but you will find new ones.

10. People will ask you to work for free.  Never work for free.

11. You will grow into a better human.  It will be hard and at first, and many friends and family members may not understand you and this new journey…but they eventually will.

12. Entering the accountant’s office with a bottle of his fav drop will be your saving grace.

13. Make it your business to understand the internet.  From your email and website to social media.  That alone will make or break you.

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