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So my latest hair-brained idea came to fruition last weekend after my mate Suger blogged about it and pretty much gave me a virtual kick up the pants to get on with it.  I have been toying with podcasting for over a year now but it was only after feeling very unconnected with my people lately that I decided it was time to get this thing going.

Sometimes you just need to begin.

With absolutely no technical skill in recording audio (as you will discover), I downloaded an app for my iPhone the night before and raced off the following morning rather excitedly to meet with my dear friend Deb from Debbish, for a good old chin wag in the flesh.

Please excuse the lack of editing (as you note in the first 3 seconds!). A dear friend fixed the background noise a little but I am still learning how to edit audio properly and the start and end are seriously dodge.  Please also note that I have never been one to let lack of perfection get in the way of a creative start and can assure you I will get better at this. (Or use person on Fiverr to assist.)


Without further ado, I present to you The Coffee Date Times … my thang to connect offline with people I really like.  A big thanks to Deb Cook for being my first date too xx

Click these link to listen.  (One day we will do the iTunes thing…just not today)

Part 1 Build It And They Will Come – A little chat about community

Part 2 Blogging and The Current State Of Affairs

Now if by chance you want to be on The Coffee Date Times please make contact.  There is no need for you to be in my town.  I am happy to coffee date with you over skype.


If you’re curious about The Front Room and these wicked Acai Bowls they make, you can read another post I have written recently about it here.



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  1. Deborah July 8, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Oh, I didn’t realise this was up! Listening now…


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