The Freedom Of Owning Less

As I have spoke of before, we recently took a massive sea change after many years living in rural Queensland.  The move was nothing less than an absolute shambles as far as organisation goes due to needing to make the move sooner rather than later.

Initially we brought with us exactly what we needed and left the remainder of our ‘stuff’ in our old house to sort out at a later date.

For six amazing weeks we lived beautifully with only those needy possessions and it felt amazing.  Nothing owned us.  And what we had we had was because we absolutely needed it.  There was no clutter around the house, now cupboards jam packed with ‘stuff’.

Then the weekend just been arrived and we had to clear out our old house.  We hired a tip skip and intended on throwing most of the useless ‘stuff’ out.  And we did.  In a day we filled the tip skip and we were left staring at each other as to what to do with the remainder of the stuff that since we had seen and touched that day, didn’t feel comfortable with throwing out or donating.


Enter a truck full of stuff converging on our lovely seaside abode.  On arrival back home yesterday I was nothing short of pissy.  My lovely easy to clean and dust home was being cluttered up again.

Even this morning with boxes laying about and a garage full of SHIT, I feel anxious about all the stuff.

Most of it comes from my husband’s and my love of collecting old stuff.  We once would hang out in antique shops competing with each other on who could bring home the weirdest thing.  But now it all sits in our new garage being useless as it doesn’t even suit the modern home in which we live.

I know what I need to do… I need to take a picture of each thing and sell it or give it away and to do that I need to be STRONG.

I know that is going to be really really hard because I am one of those people who loves history, loves objects with stories, loves stories in general (hence the millions of books collected) and maybe has the potential to be on Australia’s Biggest Hoarder if there ever was that show.

For goodness sake people, I even own a knight in shining armour !  And he needs to go too.

I chatted about this whole need to not own much stuff and the freedom that gives on a Facebook Live catch up  today on The Daily Recovery Facebook page.  You can watch that below if you’re interested.

So tell me .. how should I get rid of this shiz?  eBay, Gumtree, FB sale pages …

Lay it on me, I need your help, support and a kick up the pants in offloading this STUFF.

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  1. Monique Reinbott July 18, 2016 at 10:52 am

    I recently sold my beloved cane lounge suite😩😩😩 – you remember the stitch n bitch cane lounge with those gawd aweful blue cushions! Try the buy, swap & sell FB pages – I’ve sold a few of my old treasures that like you don’t fit our new modern home or as in the case of the beloved cane lounge suite we just can’t fit in anywhere😩


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