How To Recover From A Crappy Day

From time to time, when I am least expecting it, I have a mighty crappy day.  These types of days always appear out of nowhere and seem relentless once they get started.  It’s like one shitty thing happens and an avalanche of other random things go south.

Like any individual that cares deeply about what they do, how they do it and those around them, I work really hard to ensure things don’t go wrong.  Like I can be a little OCD about it actually. Unfortunately, because I care so much and have been empowered with a pretty sensitive personality, I find it easy to slip into a negative headspace which can last for many days following.

Being in this mode actually doesn’t fix anything and simply clouds my judgement, so I have had to formulate ways to go easier on myself, make positive changes to avoid further disasters, and recover quickly from these rotten old days.

Here are the ways in which I find helps me to punch back on a crappy day and carry on …

1.Take a step back.

Once you recognise your day isn’t turning out as planned take a step away from what your doing for 30 mins.  Make a cup of tea, do a manual task, doodle in my journal or even take a walk.  By doing this you should avoid over thinking and turning your current difficult situation into a catastrophe in your head.

2. Be Proactive

Analyse what has gone wrong and what you can do to fix it now and what can you do to avoid it in the future.  Whilst a good swear session is something I love doing when things go wrong, it rarely fixes anything and often makes me less likely to work out why things haven’t gone to plan.  So I try to take a calmer approach on the outset and look at the big picture.  NB.  Sometimes I do return to swearing after analysis of the disaster has taken place 😜

3. Vent and debrief

Chat to a friend or family member about what has happened.  Let them know you need to vent and debrief first and then go in and let it all out.  Calmly though.  If you find yourself getting angry or upset, try to calm your voice and take some deep breaths.  Listen to what they offer in the way of advice and always try to end the conversation positively.


3. Take better care of yourself

It is easy to become swept up in a crappy day and ‘just keep swimming’, forgetting to take good care of ourselves.  Eat great food, limit the alcohol and get a good nights sleep.  Feeling sluggish, hung over and tired is the perfect recipe to continue harbouring bad feelings for days after a crappy day.

4. Move On

Once your crappy day has passed and things are looking up, don’t revisit it.  It can be easy to have a moan about bad things that have happened 3 days ago but that achieves very little and simply wastes time.  Try not to hold grudges if other’s were involved in making your day hard and generally just try to move on making space for great moments and days to come.


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