Kids Yoga – The Key To Better Behaved Children?

Today we are talking to The Glo Project’s very own Renee’ Fiedler about  kids yoga and how it can positively affect their behaviour and wellbeing.  Renee is a passionate yoga instructor and mum of 4, so I am pretty happy to sharing with you her thoughts and experiences on the topic.

As a Mum of 4 kids and Yoga teacher, why would you recommend yoga for kids?

Yoga is very beneficial for everyone, especially children. There are so many physical benefits ranging from improved, strength, balance and flexibility, to better digestion, improved body alignment and posture, increased concentration and body awareness.

A regular yoga practice can also help children to deal with stress and anxiety. Breath work and meditation can help to balance emotional states and encourage a deep sense of wellbeing.

Kids yoga classes are FUN and usually include stories, games and some sort of creative expression. They build confidence through non competitiveness, team work and leadership and often focus on love, compassion, connection and community. Yoga is perfect for all children!

How early can children start doing yoga?

They are never too young (the younger the better). Starting with Mums and Bubs classes, then progressing to toddlers and upwards. The best way to encourage them, is to practice with them. Let them join into your practice, sure, it wont be quiet and relaxing, but use it as a time to bond and connect with your kids. They love to imitate, and will often put their own spin on a pose.

How often should we encourage our kids to take part in yoga?

Any amount of yoga is beneficial. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a lifestyle. We can encourage our children daily to love, show compassion and kindness, help others and reflect on what they are grateful for. A guided meditation before bed is the perfect way for them to calm down at the end of the day and help them to fall asleep.

How does the behaviour and well being of children that do yoga compare to those that don’t?

Yoga and meditation has been widely researched and studied for years, there is a now firm understanding of the scientific evidence of just how beneficial yoga for children is. There have been studies that show yoga can positively effect conditions such as asthma, ADHD, cancer, insomnia, chronic fatigue ect, and help to reduce the severity and the amount of medication needed.

Yoga also gives them tools and life skills, the know how to deal with stressful situation, anxiety and depression. In this day and age we all need to know these coping strategies. Life is so busy, for us as parents, and our children. Yoga gives them the ability to still the mind and connect to their true self.

You have just launched GIRLS CLUB, a Yoga + Wellness program for tween and teen girls, can you tell us a little more about it?

Girls Club is a series of holistic workshops, aimed at 10-16yr old girls and are designed to help them shine brightly. Through yoga + meditation + a different creative component each month, these girls get to explore connection, community and self awareness. They will be inspired and empowered.

For this series, we have some extremely talented (local) creatives coming to share their craft (and their stories) and guide our girls through fun new experiences. Girls Club fosters friendships and sharing, and is a great way for them to meet other like minded girls. All of our workshops are developed to enhance their overall well being, we cover topics such as nutrition, mindfulness and mindset, self-care, macrame, skincare, journaling, and self defence.

You can learn more about Renee and her business The Glo Project here.

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