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Quietly, but surely there has been a culture movement happening in Maryborough and it tells a story of friendship, smart business and a dedication to giving back to the community.

On any given time between Tuesday and Saturday, if you wander down Adelaide St, Maryborough you will find yourself the most gorgeous laneway and it is all the hard work of three savy business women.

Back in May this year Roxanne Spies, Jess Gunn and Sotik Sanderson came together to open up three differing businesses, all side by side and all oozing a bespoke quality about them that visitors to the 258 Adelaide Street Laneway cannot resist.

The Burra Bub Co

258 Adelaide Street, Maryborough

The Burra Bub Co owned by the very vibrant and sassy Roxy Spies aims to bring to Maryborough a unique range of high-quality baby goods.

Maryborough’s very own Instagram Queen, you can follow Roxy’s beautiful The Burra Bub Co account for updates on new stock, all laid out in the most delightful ways.  In real life, The Burra Bub Co store is just as delightful and one not to be missed (even if babies aren’t currently in your realm).

Hey Posy

2/258 Adelaide Street, Maryborough

Hey Posy is a 2017 take on a bunch of flowers from Grandma’s garden.  You won’t see any tacky hot pink boxes with flowers poked into a soggy oasis here.  Simply, Hey Posy bundles up a gorgeous selection from the markets, wraps them in simple kraft paper and sends them off to people’s home every Thursday.

You can check Hey Posy out on Facebook too.

Tucked inside Hey Posy, you will also find Jess Gun Photography.  Jess’s naturally raw style of photography captures her humans perfectly.  With an uncanny way of unearthing a little bit of magic in each of her portraits, Jess puts the word creative into the world of photography on the Fraser Coast.

Open City Espresso


3/258 Adelaide Street, Maryborough

Now if taking in a glorious cup of coffee while sitting in a cafe that has inspiration at every nook and cranny is your interest, then having time out to hang at Open City Espresso is required.

Open City Espresso also has a unique rack of clothing, some pre worn, others new with tags, accessories and styling sessions with owner Sotik Sanderson (some weekends).

Next Saturday the 5th of August, Open City Espresso will host the Fraser Coast Insta-Meet from 12-2pm.  If Instagram is your thing, be sure to come along!

Imagery courtesy of the fabulous girls of 258 Adelaide Stree Laneway.

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