From Being A Social Media Junkie To Becoming A Social Media Minimalist

Growing up books were my life.  My Mother still tells stories about how I ran off on my first day of Grade 1 convinced I was going to come home knowing how to read and write that very afternoon.  Instead of holding onto my Mum on that first morning I found my desk and took a seat, only becoming inconsolable at 3 pm when she picked me up and I didn’t have the skills I presumed I would after my first day. (Inpatient much?)

Years went by and wherever I was at least two books were in my possession.  As I grew older and had pocket money magazines littered my room.  I would be often found sound asleep at night with a book on my face.

So I guess you can say I was a reader.

I was actually still this type of reader until about 7 years ago.  When my first iPhone landed in my hand and I discovered all of these wonderful apps and articles and things I could read directly from my phone, whether I was on break at work, waiting for kids at school or late at night when the house was dark.  No longer did I need to carry books.  Everything was in my pocket.  At first, iBooks was my best friend but that quickly lost its ranking to a fabulous little app created for Facebook.

Convenient !

Initially, I used Facebook to stay in contact with the outside world during a particularly difficult time.  But as the years went on, I used it to find things to read.  It was reading these things called blogs that I quickly become hooked on.  I am thankful for that very thing.   For they inevitably placed me where I am right now.  And I cannot say I am unhappy about one bit.


as Social Media has evolved, my brain has learned to scroll, often in a scary sort of innate way too. I have trained my brain to tap that app, and start to scroll at any quiet time my phone is in my hand.  Scroll and heading off into social media wormholes often mean I can waste hours a day being unintentional and letting my brain be lazy.

Instant gratification

My reading of blogs has even reduced and I struggle to read anything of any length.  Because of scrolling.  I need instant gratification.  I want a picture, a headline, then what has happened and bam … I have moved on.

I have become a social media junkie.


My mind is often filled with clutter too.  Clutter from things I cannot even remember and these symptoms have possibly been going on for years and I haven’t taken the time to notice. Or if I did, I didn’t care and pushed passed them.

Over the last 6 months I have withdrawn a lot from social media and if you follow TDR on Facebook you will have noticed.

The only winners on social media these days (other than Facebook) are those with big budgets to spend or individuals willing to be so shocking that they end up with a massive following overnight. I have zero budget and don’t care for that overnight celebrity status.  So I am there just to share my creations (as in my posts from this blog and photographs I take) and the occasional chat with my followers.  I give no care for the growing of my following anywhere anymore, other than on this here blog.  So subscribe, please!

As for my personal accounts, I am done with advertising, MLM’s under the guise of personal accounts that have no idea how to be social and the fact that the Facebook pixel means I am followed around the internet and encouraged to buy things I have once looked at from my social media pages.  (Yes that Big Brother feeling you get when you look at a new pair of shoes and then see them all over your social media for the next 5 weeks..regardless of if you bought them or not!)

I have a need to be more present, create more and most of all I want to fall asleep with a book on my face again.  You see, I struggle to even read 3 pages without being distracted by my phone or social media.  20 years ago not even the annoying man snoring on the train next to me would remove my attention away from the stories I was drawn into.

I want to be a social media minimalist.

I read about it here and even though I don’t want to leave the internet and social media entirely due to aspects of it I love, I need to bring my time back to being my own.

I need to find clarity and purpose and learn how to create and absorb others words without distraction.

Do you know what I mean?

Maybe you don’t and that is ok.  But just maybe you do and I am hoping I have others that will join me on this pulling back from what could be the biggest mass addiction the western world has ever seen.

Geeze, just to say it like that sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it?  Albeit true.


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  1. Deborah June 9, 2017 at 8:14 am

    You were definitely a big user of social media when we first met. I think I overuse it also and worry I rely on it too much in the absence of another person to say something to / talk to. Often something will happen and I’ll want to share it, or I’ll want to talk to someone about my thoughts and – in the absence of actual people – I’ll rely on social media.

    My recent break from blogging has meant I’ve not blithered or ranted as much about stuff as I once did and I think that’s been useful. Though I’ve missed the camaraderie I get from my blogging circles.


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